Monday, June 22, 2015

Ty is Our Guy!

                                                                                                                                               June 15, 2015
This week was awesome. So last week as I said, we had a guy named Ty show up to church and we were able to meet with him 5 times during this week. He is doing awesome and we are looking for a baptismal date of June 27th! :) Elder Allred is awesome. I love serving with him, he is so sincere and has such a strong testimony. We really do love being companions and are having a blast in Kalkaska! :) 

•We went out with President Hoover on Tuesday evening. We had our lesson with Ty. We taught the Restoration. We committed him to be baptized and he was a little hesitant but then Pres. Hoover shared his experience on how he decided to be baptized and it helped Ty to understand and he committed to be baptized! Then we drove up to Rich's place. Rich has the mind set of being a bad reader and learner, so Pres. Hoover, who spent his career in education, built Rich up so much, it was awesome.

• We had a powerful district meeting this week. We discussed how we can strengthen our faith. There were many powerful testimonies borne and the Spirit was so strong. One thing that I came to realize in that meeting is that those people who exemplify Jesus Christ just by being themselves, help other to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ. As a missionary and striving to be Christlike, each door I knock on and each person I meet I hopefully help grow in their faith in Jesus Christ We can all have that impact on those we meet. We again taught Ty and he had read 12 chapters in the Book of Mormon!

• We helped Virginia's nephew Dennis do some gardening. He's the one whose house we go to each Sunday for dinner and Bible study. He met with the missionaries in the St. Louis area in the late 90's and from talking to him we are going to start teaching him the lessons again, so we are super excited about that. 

• We taught Ty again on Friday and he has already read both 1 Nephi and 2 Nephi! He is so prepared! :) He said something that I thought was super cool. He said, "Everything you teach makes sense and is pretty easy if you aren't looking for something to be wrong." It's so true. The Gospel is so simple and plain if we have open hearts and minds. It's easy to love and understand. 

• The first time we met Ty, he told us that we'd need to explain how the Bible and Book of Mormon go together and explain coffee to him because as he says, "Nobody loves coffee more than I do." So, after teaching him on Saturday the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we planned on teaching the Word of Wisdom. But before we mentioned it, he asked, "So what's with the coffee thing?" We began to beat around the bush a little bit, (we shouldn't have) and he said, "I already stopped drinking it, I just want to know why I have to." So we explained and he said, "Makes sense." The Lord is preparing people! :) 

My spiritual thought comes from a talk that our district president, Doug Thomas gave yesterday. He spoke on covenants. He gave Joshua 1:8 as a pattern to keeping covenants and Joshua 1:9 as the promise of keeping our covenants. Covenants, such as baptism, put us in a place to act. They get us off neutral ground and are the means of opening the windows of heaven for us to access greater spiritual power. Do we love the Lord enough to keep our covenants?

This week has been such a great week. Kalkaska is the place to be, Elder Allred is the companion to have, the Church is the place to worship, and Jesus is the Christ!

Elder Chalmers

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY                                                                                                              June 22, 2015

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