Monday, March 2, 2015

Kalkaska: Week 1

I've finally seen Lake Michigan! Well sort of, it's frozen, but I did see it! :)                        March 2, 2015

My first week in Kalkaska went really well. The first week of a new area is usually pretty tough, but I'm alive and feel like it was a good week, so you won't find me complaining. :)

Tuesday: Today I was able to e-mail and I also got to set up my missionary facebook account. I'm so out of the loop with technology, it's pretty funny. We knocked for a while and trekked through the deep snow up to people's doors. Sometimes I feel like it's a waste of time because every inclination is telling you that nobody is there, they are probably in Florida, but you never know, so we knock on them anyway. We taught Corey. He's about 30 and pretty cool. We taught the Plan of Salvation and put him on date to be baptized. We have 10 people on date to be baptized here in Kalkaska, it's awesome! :) It's a really successful area. We met a few of our other investigators, and talked for a little bit. Then we had a lesson with Chris and Angel. They are so solid. We had our district president with us (I'm in a district, not a stake up here in northern Michigan). They door knocked into them last week and Chris has such a strong desire, it's so awesome. The lesson was also great!

Wednesday: Today we went to Elk Rapids. It's right on Lake Michigan and is a really nice lake town. Because of that though, everybody is gone for the winter. We knocked for a long time and one guy even told us to not bother trudging through the snow to get to the doors. We said, "okay, thanks" then kept on doing it. :) We didn't get to talk to very many people but we got to know each other better. Elder Houser is a sweet guy. Then we went to Williamsburg to knock some more. It was so cold. We had a guy let us in though and he was cool. He is Catholic and we talked for a bit then we went to our scrip study class, but nobody showed up so we went to the Chowhan's. They are so cool. He's super into powerlifting and benches 400+ pounds! He's the happiest guy, you can't help but love Bro. Chowhan. 

Thursday: Today we went to Bellaire. (Fresh Prince status!!!) I got to meet Steve Cole. He's a really funny guy. He is a recent convert to the church. There is really no way to describe him, he's such a character. :) ha Then we met with a less active member. We were knocking and this big black guy named Tony let us in to warm up. He told us not to talk about religion. He was hilarious though. He was telling us to beware of the south because "they make you good food, then you wake up one day and realize you are married to a big, ugly, girl who beats you." And a lot of other stuff like that. He was something. ha. Then we had a lesson with Penny. She is a really cool investigator. She understands everything and is super solid. She has some health issues that hold her back, but she's so great! :) Then we did our weekly planning.

Friday: Today we met with a less active member and we had quite the discussion on drinking coffee. Justification is one horrible thing... He said he's going to try and quit though, so that was good. We also met with Jesse, he's bro Chowhan's bro, and is a recent convert. He's really cool. Then we helped an investigator help these people move. One of the guys there was named Psycho. So we asked him how he got that name. He said "I beat up 14 guys at once" we both laughed and he said with a straight face, "I'm serious." It was really funny. We had a lesson with a less-active who lives with one of our investigators, he came out of no-where. 

Saturday: Today we walked all day. We knocked down this really long street all day. We taught a lesson to some investigators who live on it that went really well. His name is Bob and we were talking about the Word of Wisdom and he was able to make sense of it, it was cool. It was like 20 and sunny, a really nice day. Then we did a lot of organizing of things at night. That was great. 

Sunday: Today was my first day in the Kalkaska branch. It's a little branch, but there are a lot of great people. Everyone was bearing their testimony, it was really cool. One lady in the branch has a granddaughter who I went to high school with! Small world. We taught Gospel principles and priesthood. It was good though. Then we taught Corey after church then I had to do call-ins. We went out with Pres. Thomas. We taught Penny and then Chris. It was really great. He is really smart, so we were talking in the car, that guy knows his stuff. Then we had dinner with the Piatts and then dessert at the Chowhans. She made these donut things that were insane! 

I got to talk to Elder Laing today and everything in Big Rapids is going great. Justin and Chantice both came to church and the whole McClure/Hardbarger family are on date to be baptized! I will get to go back for the baptisms when they happen! :) 

My spiritual thought for the week is really simple. Study the Book of Mormon and take Moroni's promise in Moroni 10:3-5. It is the keystone of our religion and knowing that it is true will give you a solid foundation for life. I know that the Book of Mormon is the true word of God and I know that that book can change anybody's life if they will take the time to read and pray about it.

I love you all so much, and wish you the best!

Elder Chalmers
Elder Rapp at transfers! I love him

My street address reminds me of Joe every time!

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