Saturday, July 12, 2014

The 4th of July: Michigan-style

"Happy New Year" Everybody,                                                                                        July 7, 2014
So this week has been pretty busy, and fun. We have done a ton of finding this week, which means knocking a lot of doors, and tracting a lot at the Tridge. One of the days at the Tridge we were taking pictures of these turtles. They all group together on this log, it's pretty cool. We also saw these 3 squirrels fighting and I got it on video, it was really cool. 
So the 4th of July here wasn't all that great until the night. None of the members invited us to anything, so we were tracting at the Tridge for about 6 hours. We met some cool people though. One guy gave us blueberries and then another lady gave each of us a Gatorade which was nice. One guy thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses and said something about the 144,000, which was pretty funny. We talked to this black guy named Zach that day, and he actually seemed pretty interested, then he got a phone call and went over to talk to the person who called him, and turns out it was Ben Guffy, our "less accountable" investigator. Turns out that Zach is also slightly "special." We tend to attract those kinds of people. We also saw Quan again today! We see him almost everyday! He is this small black dude that we talked to once when we were walking around knocking doors and ever since then we see him all the time. So he was wearing a purple polo, khakis, and a Jesus hat. We asked him why he was dressed up and he said "You know, For the New Year." The poor guy was a little confused...
 So after walking forever all day, we met the other elders, Elder Anderson and Finlayson at our apartment and we went back down to the Tridge to watch fireworks. The second we got there and were sorta "off duty" everyone started talking to us and being really friendly, while when we were there earlier not very many people wanted to take time out of their holiday and talk to us. So then these 3 high school girls starting talking to us, mainly to Elder Hess and Elder Anderson. Elder Finlayson and I thought it was pretty funny, since it sorta seemed like the girls were just flirting with them. One of the girls asked Elder Hess after talking to him for like 20 min, "Wait, what church are you from?" She obviously wasn't too interested. ha. The fireworks were really cool though. We didn't get back to our apartment til 11:10 and didn't get to bed til like 11:45 so on Saturday we were exhausted all day!
We were able to pick up a new investigator this week though. He is the son of a recent convert. His name is Nick Hale, and he's 13. He came to church with Patty Cormier, who is also a recent convert, and she and her husband, Curt, are on fire. They are so solid. The reason he was at church was because he blew up his toilet with a firework the day before and his mom was super mad. We talked to him and he told us that he had been on date for baptism before but then decided not to go through with it so we taught him later on Sunday. We were able to bond with him really well over screamo music. ha. He said he likes us more than the other missionaries who taught him. The negative is that he is moving pretty soon otherwise we would be able to baptize him pretty easily. But we can just refer him to the Saginaw missionaries. 
I have been super tired all the time but I guess that is just how it goes, but it's still really fun. Elder Hess and I get along really, really well. We make jokes that we are dating. ha. 
For one lesson I taught Joe about enduring to the end. I shared 2 Ne. 31:20, and told him to not think about enduring to the end, but just endure to something. Like his arm is broken, so I told him to endure that, then once he did that, to endure to something else. President Hess told me the first day I got here that "Life by the inch is a cinch, but by the yard it is hard." It has been really helpful for me in enduring to the end, and enduring to the end of the mission. Also Ether 12:27 rocks. I love you all and am always thinking about you. Never forget that without the Atonement of Jesus Christ, there would be no hope in the world. Always be grateful for the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made, and the blessings that it brings to our lives.

Elder Chalmers 
Party Elders!

Feeling very patriotic

C-Twice found his favorite store

The turtles at the Tridge

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